Wine Orders

We carry several flavors of fruit and berry wines, please contact us to purchase your choices.

Please call 1-800-731-7142 to see if we are able to ship wine to your state.

We will be more than happy to help you select the right wine for whatever occasion that you might have. Please feel free to e-mail or contact us with any questions that you might have.

All varieties of wines are available from the tasting bar for sampling and purchase.

SizeFlavorPrice per Bottle
750ml Apple $12.95
750ml Apricot $12.95
750ml Blackberry $12.95
750ml Blueberry $12.95
750ml Cherry $12.95
750ml Cranberry $12.95
750ml Dandelion $12.95
750ml Elderberry $12.95
750ml White Grape $11.95
750ml Concord Grape $11.95
750ml Peach $12.95
750ml Pineapple $12.95
750ml Plum $12.95
750ml Raspberry $12.95

Rhubarb (sweet)

750ml Strawberry $12.95
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